Gerbe Offers High Quality Tights, Stockings, And More

  • Gerbe has been manufacturing and selling fine women's lingerie since 1904. These items are manufactured in France and sold through boutiques in that country. Two are located in Paris. One is in Lyon. A fourth is in Saint Vallier. In addition, the company has created a website that allows them to sell their products worldwide.

    Items are created that fit into several different categories for women. These include tights, stockings and stay-ups, socks and knee-highs, body wear, and ready to wear. They also produce a line of tights for men and accessories such as washing bags and suspender belts.

    Two distinct types of fibers are used in the production of these garments. Rhovyl'Soie produces a comfortable material that provides a seductive appearance while allowing the wearer to enjoy a feeling of soft warmth. The Rhovyl fibers are artfully combined with natural silk to create a combination that creates extreme comfort and sophistication.

    The other fiber is known as Lenzing Modal. This unique fiber is ideally suitable for any garment worn next to the skin. This produces a flawless appearance with a soft touch and a durability and suppleness that are indisputable. This material is color fast and does not usually fade over a long period of time like some other materials.

    Care instructions for Gerbe garments are very straightforward. These items should be hand washed only in water with a temperature that does not exceed 40 degrees C. They should never be dry cleaned as the chemicals used in that process can damage the fibers and shorten the life of the items dramatically.

    One should never bleach these garments. They are made to hold their colors for the lifetime of the garment. However, bleach can not only strip the color, but it can chemically damage the fibers that make up the material.

    Two other items to watch are ensuring that these garments are never exposed to tumble drying or ironing. The heat from these items can cause severe damage such as shrinkage as well as breakdown of the fibers.

    If proper care is taken of Gerbe garments, they will provide many years of comfortable wear that imparts a sexy, chic appearance that is highly sought after. These garments come in many different styles, colors, and sizes. The company has something to offer virtually every woman in the world.

    Long established in France, Gerbe has specialized in producing lingerie items of the highest quality for women. They have four boutiques in France that can be visited. In addition, they have created an e-commerce website that allows women from all around the world to experience the comfort and luxury of their products. Items come in different types and styles, including tights, knee highs, stockings, and body wear. These can be worn for the sake of the appearance they produce or the utility and freedom of movement they allow. Using unique materials, Gerbe has optimized comfort. If the care instructions are followed for the garments, they will last for many years, providing comfortable, sexy wear in many different styles.