Gerbe Mens Tights

  • There are occasions when men need to wear tights. Usually, these are dancers who need something that allows them freedom of movement while practicing. They may also be men who need to workout in other ways and must have complete freedom to move. Fortunately, whatever the reason they are needed, Gerbe produces tights for men too.
    Because there are fewer occasions for men to need such apparel, there are far fewer options than are available for women. There are currently only four different styles of men's tights available from this manufacturer. However, some of these are available in one's choice of black or nude in color. The others are available in black only.
    One feature that all four designs have in common is that they are specifically designed to the male anatomy. This includes a front opening panel that allows one to relieve himself without having to remove the garments. They also feature a knitted waistband that provides firm support for the abdominal muscles without being uncomfortably constricting.
    Three of the available models extend from the feet up. One model is footless, stopping just above the ankle. This model is ideal for those who prefer to workout barefoot. The rest are designed for those who must wear shoes of some sort when practicing or performing. They do feature reinforced heels and toes.
    Two of these models have a satin appearance. These come in two different levels of opacity, 8 denier, and 20 denier. The other two models are opaque with a 70 denier level. The footless model is in this class.
    All come in four sizes; small, medium, large, and extra large. This means that there are tights available to fit any man who dances. They do not make them larger because anyone who needs more than extra large is unlikely to be in physical shape to perform.

    Women wear tights for a variety of reasons. They may want to accentuate their legs or cover them. They may need them because of the freedom of movement possible in tights. They tend to enhance female appearance and make women look sexier.

    Men usually wear tights for just one reason. These men are usually dancers who need the freedom of movement possible in tights while keeping themselves covered decently. Occasionally, other athletes might wear them to help keep their legs warm while competing. However, wearing tights made for women is much less than comfortable and can make a make look foppish.
    Fortunately, Gerbe manufactures tights for men as well as women. Knowing that not all men have the same tastes, they produce four different models. Two are satiny in appearance and only semi opaque. The other two are completely opaque. All are specifically designed to accommodate the male anatomy and be worn comfortably. This includes a front opening for those times when nature calls.
    Gerbe men's tights are created to provide support where it is most needed and be comfortable to wear. They provide complete freedom of movement so that men can jump and kick as needed to perform their dance.

    With the huge selection at, the hardest part of shopping is picking your favorite style and colour.

    Tights from are created from a variety of materials. Factory designed, these wonderful trends are designed with nylon, elastane, and even polyamide. The combinations of these materials offer the wearer to be able to use them for the barest of appearances. Comfort and endurance are ever lasting with each pair of leggings or tights.